1. Here’s a rough recording of a song we finished.

    tyrone - Mountain Language

  2. A rough recording from practice.

    tyrone - Bob Arctor

  3. Meet Me in St Louis - Well You Damn Well Should.


  4. theblogofzarifmiah:

    Meet Me In St. Louis - Leeds 2007

    Best band ever.

  5. theblogofzarifmiah:


    Does anyone know what Tim Collis pedalboard consists of?

    Boss GE-7

    Boss tuner (can’t remember which model number)

    Boss DD-3

    Think he’s been using a chorus among other things as well lately, but I think that’s been run through Ableton live on his Mac using a footswitch

    The last tour Tim was using:

    Boss TU-3

    Boss BD-2 (for 26)

    Boss DD-3

    Boss GE-7 (volume boost)

    All powered by a Trex Fueltank Junior

    He uses the midi footswitch for individual ‘next note’ triggering for the bassline in Cat Fantastic when Henry is playing what was the guitar part. Also uses it for triggering loops between songs.

  6. When your favourite band reforms and releases an album…

  7. This Pinback album is great :)

    (Source: Spotify)

  8. San Francisco is cool. Looking forward to meeting up with the guys tomorrow. schoolnightout.

  9. I’m in New York! I’m going to see Toe!!

  10. Playing guitar for TTNG last year in Pontleroy (Porrentruy) Switzerland.

  11. Playing guitar for TTNG last year

    Playing guitar for TTNG last year

  12. I’m going to be in New York next month for the Toe + Birthmark show. Excited. Anyone else going?